1001 Days

Directed by Chloe White Executive Producer Katharine Round Producer Rose Palmer

It’s during the first 1001 days that the foundations of a baby’s mind are put in place.

Thandiwe, Zanele and Zanele live in one of the poorest urban areas in South Africa, where two thirds of the women are abuse survivors. They are on a mission to change the fate of their neighborhood, right from the beginning - at childbirth. Drawing on their own tough experiences of motherhood, these three extraordinary women go from home to home, supporting new mothers in their community through the first 1001 days of their children’s lives.

Their community is plagued by 70% unemployment, poverty and HIV, yet they are determined to break the cycle. Every day they go from home to home visiting pregnant and new mothers, offering emotional support and helping them connect with their babies. Their work is beleaguered with struggle and strife as they encounter unresponsive mothers, abusive husbands, disease and despair, but alongside that there is hope, resilience, and sheer joy. 

1001 Days takes the audience on a journey through the chaotic and narrow streets of Alexandra as we follow our three main characters on their quest to empower women and change the course of their lives, and the lives of the next generation. Currently in production. 


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