Directed by Emily Wright Executive Producer Katharine Round | Co-Producer Juan Camilo Cruz

Anyi takes her first step towards civilian life after 12 years fighting in the Colombian jungle, but must confront dark secrets held by her mother as she seeks inner peace.

Aftermaths explores the way in which cycles of war and trauma are carried in and throughout this family. The film is a deeply personal portrait of one family’s efforts to transcend the trauma of their history, to forgive themselves and each other.

Combining intimate observational scenes with the characters’ reflections, Aftermaths invites us on an impressionistic journey into the nature of self, identity and intergenerational trauma. Are we trapped in these repeated intrinsic cycles of war begetting war, trauma begetting trauma, or can we free ourselves from them and seek reconciliation and redemption?

The film is in production with support from Fondo de Desarrollo Cinematografico, The Guardian and the Ford Foundation and is scheduled for release in 2020


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