Directed by Emily Wright Executive Producer Katharine Round | Co-Producer Juan Camilo Cruz

Aftermaths is a hybrid documentary that explores the psychological impact of peace for FARC female rebels who have defined themselves for so long by war in Colombia. It is a deeply intimate portrait of a mother and daughter, Adriana and Anyi, dealing with the realities of armed life and re-integration into society. It examines the aftermaths of leaving that life behind: the inner conflict that is rarely represented on film.

After 52 years of war, the Colombian government and Latin America’s oldest left-wing rebel group, the FARC, have signed peace. Thousands of fighters will rejoin society, 40% of which are women. When they eventually do reintegrate, these women face a culture that expects them to care for children, keep a clean house, and meet a high standard of beauty. After living with a group that at least nominally valued equality, this can be difficult to accept.  

The film will fluctuate between observation and performance, using recreation as a tool to explore and help Adriana and Anyi understand and relate to their past lives in the Farc and the dramatic memories they carry with them. We come to know their worlds through a lyrical, and magical intimacy – that same magic realism that Colombian author Gabriel García Márquez mines in Macondo, the semi-mythical plantation region devastated by massacres in his 100 Years of Solitude. 

Above all, Aftermaths sets out to be an impressionistic and cinematic portrait of post-conflict Colombia and the challenges faced by rebels rejoining society after years fighting in the jungle.

The film is in production with support from Fondo de Desarrollo Cinematografico and is scheduled for release in 2018. 


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