Dearborn, Michigan launches on The Guardian

Once famous for being the birthplace of Henry Ford and the American dream, Dearborn is home to the largest proportion of Arab Americans in the United States. Since Donald Trump launched his presidential campaign, it has come under the spotlight. This film documents a year in the life of five very different citizens of Dearborn who have found themselves caught in the crossfire of this paradigm shift in American politics. 

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1001 Days

1001 Days tells the story of three inspiring mothers in one of South Africa’s toughest townships, who are taking to the streets to turn around the fortunes of other women in the first days of their babies lives.

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Walled Off Hotel

Three films created by Disobedient for the Walled Off Hotel are now open to the public in Palestine, as part of the museum curated by Gavin Grindon of the University of Essex

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