The Divide reviewed in UK press


★★★★ Total Film ★★★★ Evening Standard ★★★★ Time Out ★★★★ Express.. Read reviews for The Divide here

The Divide has been receiving some excellent press as it launches today in UK cinemas. Here are some quotes:

★★★★”Jaw dropping stuff” The Evening Standard

★★★★”an authoritative punch” Total Film

★★★★”searching..intimate” Time Out

★★★★”a sensitive exploration of a vital issue” Express

★★★★”achieves a kind of empathy no graph or chart can match” City AM

★★★★”heartbreaking” HeyUGuys

★★★★”a sweeping expose of how deep into the psyche income inequality has affected the poor, working and middle classes” The Metropolist

★★★★”poignant eye-opener” The Upcoming

★★★★”important and insightful” The Hollywood News

“an astoundingly accurate portrayal of social division…brilliantly shot, insightful” British Blacklist

“recommended this week” Sight & Sound

“5 best films of the week” The Guardian

“A document of our time” The Huffington Post

“hard hitting and emotional” Verge Magazine

You can read the full reviews, and more at

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